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Lots of people have been asking about this swap lately, so I decided to dig up the most popular I know of. How to put the m90 roots supercharger on your V6 mustang? The boys over at V6P have done it.

A few basic points so you dont have to read all of that:

>You need the entire SC motor. Most of it WILL be used, some parts from your mustang can/will be used also.
>You will use your wiring harness and ECU.
>The swap requires a return style fuel system. The 99-04 does not have this type. You would have to swap over from an sn95's fuel system.
>The SC came with several more sensors that are not used, and others are in different location that you'll have to do some splicing around to make work.
>Some lines such as coolant must be custom made to fit around the accessories and piping.
>AC lines must be adjusted or redone.
>To my knowledge, no one has made a cruise control bracket work. I maybe wrong.

Now I haven't read the swap thread all the way through. Just got some basic pointers from pics and a little bit of reading.

Here you can get some original facts about the 200+hp 300+tq blown SINGLE PORT V6 that came in the supercoupes:

Check out the "how to"? thread here at V6P:
Roots blower how to - V6Power Messageboard

99% of the pictures links are bad now, but towards the end, someone links the whole thread as a document containing the pics here:

SCCOA is the home of the of these thunderbirds. Their are some wicked builds out there you guys may be really impressed by. You should do a little research.

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Reading about the thunderbird's demise on Wikipedia made me not want to do the swap and take a thunderbird apart. Good post OP, albeit a little too morbid for me.

LOL man. But hey, at least they're getting new life in a stang. Kinda like a heart transplant or something, not to sound morbid.

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my biggest reseaon to not want to is the change in fuel system. Now a sn95 would be a perfect swap. Especially if you can upgrade the injectors, pump, intercooler and exhaust. Then that would put down ALOT more power.
And what sir do you mean by your biggest reason to not want to?

You wouldn't change anything, you would just use a return style rail.
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