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suspensino ???

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ok, no i didnt look through this forum enough, but idk if anyone has brought this up or not, ummm...i dont mean to make another thread on this if theirs one already, but im gona be doin front coil over conversion with mmr and i want to leave my aftermarket setup in the rear, just regular setup, non coil over, just wondering if ill still have good ride quality and handling for straight away and some cornering, but car is gonna be 1/4 style when the time comes up. id rather leave it with the reg setup in the rear and coil over in the front, but i dont want to have goofy suspension setup or feeling if u know what i mean. mmr has the option for street/strip for the coil over setup, and thats what i plan on goin with to keep it like i have now currently. if anyone is wondering why im converting the front is cause, il be doin a aftermarket block and k member.
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You can't have the best of both worlds. Spring rates depend on alot of stuff. You generally want as little body movement possible while
aintaining traction.
so would u say id be ok with front coil overs and my aftermarket rear setup i have now?? rear is tokico shocks and h&r ss springs. to me id almost say it would offset something or be wierd driving feeling, but idk.
forgot to mention i have a street/strip setup now so
yeah lots of people run just front coilovers with stock style out back
ok does it make the suspension feeling like with body roll and bounciness diff, or bout the same as it should be?
If u put 125#springs on the front, it will feel softer. I think 125-150 is what most the companies consider their " drag" springs.
Call AJE and talk to Anthony, he will answer all of your questions
alright guys thanks for the advice and help i do appreciate it
80 percent of the people out there with coil over front suspensions don't convert to rear coil overs.. it's not needed in most cases so I wouldn't see much of an issue there but what you will have to work out is your spring rate and figure out what you want out of your coil and rear springs then go from there.
im not doing rear coilovers and i probably have more drag related suspension then a lot of the forum
sweet, thats what i needed to know and wanted to know, thanks guys :)
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