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Suspension Question. Help me out!

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I looking to lower my car! I have a 00GT 5speed. Im looking to get a 4.10 and drop the car. I have decided the shocks I will be using (Strange Adjustables). I Am inbetween on a couple of spring setups. I like the look of a low car but i still want to drag with slicks and road race. I was orignally going with the Eibach Pro Kit Spring Set Eibach Pro Kit Springs at - Free Shipping!

But I found these H&R Super Sport Springs.
H&R Super Sport Springs (96-04 GT/V6) at - Free Shipping!

I like the look of the lower front the stance. Will it help me in the drag? Will it hurt in overall handling? Will this required caster and camber plates with the lower drop?
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First off, how deeply to you want to get into either discipline(Road race and/or Drag)?

What percentage of the time will you be driving the car on the track or strip versus the street?

Determine this first before you decide on a sping/shock package.

As stated, you can't build a suspension to do both well. It has to be one or the other. If you set it up for Drag it'll be great at the strip and going from light to light but if you set it up Road race it'll be great on the course and on the street when you're turning corners or running through some twisties!

To honestly answer that....I will be driving the car on the street the majority of the time. I will only be going to the track every so often. Like maybee 8 times a year. I also can keep my foot out of it on the street! It seems like any red light I sit at its a tree at the track!

Now anything i do will be better then the stock setup right?

Bump for Pro's and Con's to betweeen the difference springs!
I've never used the Strange adjustable shocks so I can't comment on if they are loud of not. I have read that the Tokico D-Specs are a very good shock and I think for your application would be a good choice! Since you will be driving it on the street mostly I would lean towards a more road race setup since that would involve you lowering the car for looks and would fit more into your daily driving. I have a full race Max Grip box setup on my '03 GT and it is AWESOME! SO much fun to drive with the 4:10 gears too!
As mentioned you may want to bite the bullet and go with a coilover conversion which would definitely give you more options in terms of reconfiguring your setup when you want to do either.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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