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Suspension Question. Help me out!

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I looking to lower my car! I have a 00GT 5speed. Im looking to get a 4.10 and drop the car. I have decided the shocks I will be using (Strange Adjustables). I Am inbetween on a couple of spring setups. I like the look of a low car but i still want to drag with slicks and road race. I was orignally going with the Eibach Pro Kit Spring Set Eibach Pro Kit Springs at - Free Shipping!

But I found these H&R Super Sport Springs.
H&R Super Sport Springs (96-04 GT/V6) at - Free Shipping!

I like the look of the lower front the stance. Will it help me in the drag? Will it hurt in overall handling? Will this required caster and camber plates with the lower drop?
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i have the c-springs on my car without any complaints. these cars have bumpsteer stock and only get worse when lowered. c/c plates arent nesseccary for a 1.5 drop, but are needed for any lower. for the drag racing aspect, lowering the car will actually hurt you a little. lowering will pay off for looks and handling. i run a mickey thompson 26x10.5-15 and about to go to a 28 inch slick soon. i dont know anything about the strange shocks or struts so i wouldnt be able to tell you anything about their handling. if you were to go to a coil over or a suspenson system that has a lot more adjustment, then you can get a little more for both purposes.
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