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it is not an easy swap and mostlikly will cost u more to do the swap then it would be to sell ur car and buy a cobra, unless u got ur car cheep and got a dounr cobra very cheep

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it will cost more than buying a termi unless you have a wrecked one in your backyard

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Motor----which isnt cheap at all
wiring harness
bell housing,
drive shaft
8.8 rear end
fuel tank
and your fuel setup would have to be modified as well

have we scared you away from the idea yet?
not to mention your speedo will be off and you'll need a new one.
also brakes and suspension should be looked into as well
if not breaking and cornering wont be so good

so basically you'll be changing about everything but the frame

for got radiator and radiator hoses

you want prices?
tranny-$2500 for full swap
flywheel-$200-400 depending if you want aluminum
radiator and hoses-$200-500ish
fuel setup- $500 you need pump and the tank and the lines
8.8-$300-$1000 or more
drive shaft is only like $170-250 you might be able to find someone that got an aluminum driveshaft and is selling the stock one
the wiring harness and computer lol haha my fav. check out your ford dealer and just see how much the price is on one...unlesss the motor comes with it

the motor- you dont wana know
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