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Switching to manual

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is it worth it to switch over to a manual once i exceed the power limits of my auto or is there an upgrade to the auto the is worth doing cost effective wise. looking at about 450 to 500 rwhp once the new tune is in. then stepping up the boost and going for around 600
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its a dd
built 4r70w?
Err... from everything I've heard, the auto can handle more power than the TR-3650 manual.
Your auto can handle plenty of power. Friend of mine has an 05 auto with a 302 K/B. He is pushing around 600 HP to the wheels. Car is a d/d and does 10.75 to 10.8 in the 1/4
Stall converter would help. And yea the auto can handle a good bit of power.
your auto is stronger than that 3650.... trust me.
PI triple disc convetor and one of those frozen input shafts will hold you over pretty good.
You could slap a T6060 in there.
this is true.. the 5r555 is built pretty tough.. but im not sure about 600rwhp...
The "5r55" designation is also a torque rating
550 lb. ft.
At this point you should be considering a new one, the TR-6060 or aftermarket built ones will handle more power.
My TR3650 is pretty trashed, garbage transmission. I'm going with something much better. :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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