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t5 problem

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ok i was driving today and went to slam 2nd gear and it grinded and the clutch pedal was all the way down and and twice on the way home it popped out of second gear again with the clutch in. and wen it pops out ill try to get it back in second w/ the clutch still in it wil grind for a sec then go in. i bought it a few months ago wen i did the t5 swap and its been alrite so far a lil hard to shift sometimes and hard to find reverse but idk wats up with it now, is it time to look for another tranny or could this be a clutch issue. i have an aluminum quadrant and a firewall adjuster.
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do u have a stop bolt style shifter?if so is it adjusted right? could be a bent fork or bad syncros...try adjusting the clutch
i have a pro5.0 now but i previoussly had a cheap short throw from ebay and the stop was adjusted so it didnt fully go into second and i let the clutch out and it grinded pretty bad so i thought blew second gear went that happend but i got the pro5.0 and its been fine until today. with my luck i bent the shift fork... would that cause hard shifting sometimes?
it could cause it to pop out of gear and be stubborn to go into other gears..the thing is if it was working fine before and its not not then it is something that is only going to get worse... a 40 dollar syncro kit and or 30 dollar set of forks could easily turn into that plus 50-80 dollars for a second or third gear and another 50 for a 1-2 slider best to get it fixed asap
ok so i drove to work an down shifted for 3 to 2 and it popped out and as i was driving and thought the gear stop might have moved a little so i took the boot off and continued driving the stop was fine. then i noticed it stopped popping out of gear. i think the leather boot was jammed in the shifter base makin it pop out so i drove around with no boot and its fine. so :dunno
I'm not a tranny guy because I don't know enough to troubleshoot but I will have to say, go ahead and get the forks. While you're at it to be sure yourself... Get an adjustable quadrant for your cable adjustment, base your Pro 5 shifter if you haven't already, double check your clutch is not wearing out.
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