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Stopped by Maximum Velocity to load up my Lund 93 Tune with Ghost Cams and see what my car was pulling with the new tune. Needless to say, I was very impressed. A great big thanks to shop owner Tracy for going above and beyond to take care of my tuner issue, even though she didn't have to, she went that extra mile. That's good people giving good customer service. Before stopping by however, I had snapped a few pics in a parking garage to test out a few ideas I had in mind. I think they came out rather well. I'm fairly new to this HDR business, and I'm trying out different looks. I have them listed in order of my least favorite, to most favorite. Hope you like them. Enjoy!

Full res pics: Lund Tune at Maximum Velocity

1080p video of my dyno runs

11. getting ready to scream

10. I like the reds and oranges

9. going nowhere fast

8. angle shot of both F14's

7. up close


5. semi-concavity

4. daybreak

3. HDR into direct sunlight...not as easy as I thought

2. This is actually tied for first place...because had I not done #1, this would be it. Liquid metal. That's Ingot.

1. I had been wanting to take a pic like this for my desktop for a long time, finally did it.

Some car specs that get FAQ'd:
2011 Ingot 5.0 with 3.73's and Brembo Brake upgrade

Xpel clear bra, bikini cut with Xpel smoked headlight protection film
Saleen grill
GT/CS front valance with hid fogs
Boss (non LS) front splitter
Roush side splitters
GT500 rear diffuser
GT500 splash guards
GT500 SVTPP rear spoiler

93 Race Tune by Jon Lund with Ghost Cams
Corsa Ultimate Touring axle backs
Eibach Sportlines
Forgestar F14's in Piano Black 20x9 front 20x11 rear
Michelin Pilot Sport 2's 255/35/20 front 305/35/20 rear

So like I said, these are some of my favorites, there are hundreds more 18MP photos in my album. Feel free to check it out. Any feedback, positive or negative, would be very welcome.

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Your #1 (the last one) Is sooooo sick!!! Sweet ride man!!

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Picture #5 has so much win.

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#2 Pic FTW, new background to replace a corvette pic :)
Great job, what numbers did she make btw?

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Very sick, if they were bigger I would use them for my desktop hahaha
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