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Black retro billet grille from American Muscle. Think it was just under $200 for top and bottom together.

I love the look of the headlight shade that i ended up with. I used some stuff from O'Reilys called Nightshade. Works great as far as looks but good lord i need to find a HID set or get the higher watt bulbs for them. I run around with my brights on and havent had anybody flash me yet. Still can't see great even on brights but its good enough until i replace the bulbs.

It prolly wouldnt be too bad with 1 coating of the shade, but theres 2 coats on both the headlights and the tails. Those black side reflectors on the rear were already shaded but i put 1 coat of shade on those as well to match the tails.
Thanks I think thats what I need.:yes
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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