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How conceded of me, to make a title with my own name in it. Hehe, arrogant little bastard ain't I?

Well, it's true. There are some complexities to speak of, namely involving other people. But then again, where do most of your problems stem from anyways? Every single one can be traced to other people. It's all in how you handle it I guess.. off topic.

Moving along.

Allow me to express my interest in owning and riding a motorcycle. The reason? There's a few.. First reason, I can get a brand new one for the price of a (very) used car. It wouldn't be fast, but who wants a fast bike when you've never been on one? Wheelie anyone? Second reason is, of course, fuel economy. 4-gallon tanks that need to be refilled at the frequency of oh say.. once every 280 miles. And it'll be a whopping $16 to fill it completely.

Which brings me to a rant.. I remember when $16 would fill your SUV to the tippy top! OK, I personally don't remember, but I'm sure my parents do! And in my blog, that's perfectly acceptable.

And acceptance is what I preach, baby. Oh, and I meant you, you're the baby. However, it takes a different meaning for each individual reading this. If you're a woman, then I'll be over at 8, baby. If you're a man, then you're my brother and I call you baby as a term of endearment (aren't I nice?). However, if you're a malevolent reader (hater, dick swinger, jealous little prick) then I call you baby because of the pinky-sized cartilage you keep hidden between your legs.

Haters are another thing altogether. If i were, say, to get that bike i was referencing earlier, I bet there would be a hundred little comments made. Why? Because people just like to talk ****. "He thinks he's the **** with that bike 'cause its new," or "He thinks he's fast 'cause he got a sport bike," or even better "My dad's Harley would put that **** to shame."

Wow, how off topic of me. Proceeding.

Another reason I'd like to get a bike is insurance.


You know what?

I'd like to explain something to everyone reading this. Every person, including you, thinks s/he's better than everyone else. And if not everyone, then at least most people. Evidence? When fat guys watching basketball bitch about NBA stars sucking.. or when NASCAR fans that can barely drive their automatic Honda mini-van tell you a certain racer can't drive, that's considered thinking you're better than someone. That's like saying, "you suck, if I played ball through college I would be way better." If you truly felt equal to everyone, you would think he tried his best but just wasn't good enough, you wouldn't think he sucked.

With that said, it allows me to say the following without sounding too conceded.

To all the haters who don't like my bike, kiss the fat of my pale white ass you dirty scum-sucking **** faces. :D I'm smarter than you'll ever be and I love rubbing it in your face. And if you disagree with that statement, I'd be more than happy to have a "my e-penis is bigger than yours" battle with you in front of everyone.

If you'd like to witness me duking it out with one of my many challengers, the cyber arena is open on weekends and tickets cost $10 a piece, $5 for children 14 and younger.

I don't even know what I'm talking about.. Stay tuned for Volume 2!!! (Coming much, much later)(in other words, whenever I feel like it!)
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