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This thread is for the eight members who are in this month's ROTM. Show your pics, give the info, anything you might want to share.

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Thank you to all who consider voting for me!

My name is Dennis, I'm 35 and this is my 1987 Mustang GT. I am the 4th owner and purchased it on February 15, 2013 with just 57,200 miles, totally stock except for a nice custom stereo and dark window tint. One of the rarest color packages offered in '87-'89. Full option delete car - no power anything, no cruise, originally am/fm radio, auto, hard to find factory 3.27 axle ratio and dealer special optioned Ford Motorsport 140 mph speedo. 100% factory original paint, rubber, trim, headlights!, interior and mechanical components except for maintenance items.

The original owner was an older woman who worked for Kemp Ford of Thousand Oaks, California. Because she was employed at the dealership and lived close to work this car led a very pampered life with limited miles and a perfect service record. The 2nd and 3rd owners had the car for less than a year each. The 2nd owner did nothing but keep it clean and garaged, only driving it a handful of miles. The 3rd owner did manage to put about 1,200 miles on the odometer as well as a new set of tires, tint, stereo and killer paint detail.

About two months after purchasing the GT I set aside a weekend and installed the small group of modifications I had planned: H&R Sport springs, Koni adjustable yellow struts/shocks, MM camber plates, MM panhard bar, MM stock brake upgrade kit, Power Slot rotors, ranger/aerostar axles & drums, ARP wheel studs, genuine FMS 17x9" '95 Cobra R wheels with 255/40 tires, Dynomax catback, FMS aluminum driveshaft, Energy urethane engine/trans mounts, K&N filter, vintage Ford Motorsport 8mm blue plug wires, air intake silencer removed, base timing to 14 degrees.

For two years now the GT has served as my daily driver to and from work, about 20 miles a day. No other modifications are planned. Just the basics for a nice, tasteful cruiser. Never having a car this nice before, my new passion has become detailing. You can find me most Sunday afternoons out in the garage doing just that.

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1965 Coupe

1965 coupe. Born with an i6 and 3-spd it currently has 351w with AFR 185 and edelbrock 650 going out through a toploader 4-spd to the stock 2.79 rear. Set of 3.55 and locker in the near future.

Other upgrades include a slew of Mustangs to Fear parts (1-piece nose, billet deckled hinges, 1-piece headliner, door panels, console, gauge panel), Speedhut Revolution Gauges, QA1 custom coil-over system, and S2000 seats

Paint is Toyota Salsa Red Pearl with Predawn mica grey graphics.

Currently the car is at MTF getting the finally completed 1967 shelby style hood for the long MTF 1-piece nose.


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I appreciate being quickly seconded to be in this ROTM! Lots of good competition so thanks for including me! Name is Chris, and I am the driver of the Cone 502 Racing 2009 Mustang GT which competes in SCCA Autocross in the Street Touring Ultra (STU) Class as #23. I started out in F-Stock (now F-Street) with the car 100% stock, made a few modifications the next year and ran in Street Touring Xtreme (STX). I made some further changes going into the 2013 Season and brought the car to Spring Nationals at the Lincoln Air Park over Memorial Day weekend. Made a few more changes and competed at the 2013 Solo National Championship in STX where I finished rather poorly (like 6 from dead last IIRC).

After a rather poor finish at Nationals, I didn't let me hopes get me down and just doubled my efforts to do better in 2014. I still won STX regionally and was given the Nebraska Region Rookie of the Year award which was a great honor! I founded Cone 502 Racing after Nationals in 2013 as that was the only cone I hit on day 1 of competition. It had it coming I swear! Cone 502 Racing now serves as the car's public face and entity and I as it's driver. Going into the 2014 Season I made some further changes in spring rate and car setup but a chance phone call at the end of 2013 brought forth new changes to my life and an uncertain 2014 season. I began my new job as a Police Officer in November of 2013 and was scheduled to go to the Academy in April. That cramped my plans for a return to the National autocross scene and I spent 2014 running on my car with the changes made at the beginning of the year. I regrettably did not attend Spring Nationals or the National Championship with my car and finished 3rd in class for the year.

After graduating from the Police Academy on July 25th I began working on the car again. First maintenance items, alignment, new front LCA's, polyurethane bushings for them, new fluids, brake lines, brake pads and rotors, new tie rods. Tax season brought forth new wheels and tires to max the contact patch for RWD cars in STU for the 2015 season.

I wouldn't be where I'm at though without the help of the following people:
Jay at Hypermotive Performance has been a tremendous help in getting parts on time and at a great price! If you are looking for good parts at good prices, get in contact with the guys at Hypermotive Performance at Hypermotive. Tell them I sent you and they'll get you taken care of!

Another person I'd like to thank is Kelly Aiken at BMR Performance. Kelly has been a constant target of harassment from me and has toughed it out all the while providing me parts at prices that I can't argue with! If the guys at Hypermotive can't get you the BMR parts you want (not sure how that'd work, but you never know! :p), contact Kelly and he'll take care of you. I look forward to their new Watts link which I have one on order for testing and evaluation! :)

The last person is Filip Trojanek at Cortex Racing. Filip came through in June/July of 2013 with his Torque Arm for the S197 chassis. He worked with me to get it on my car while remaining firmly in the scope of the SCCA Street Touring ruleset! Without that piece, my car would not have done as well as it did at the 2013 Solo National Championship so thanks!

Enough blabbering, Pictures!:

It isn't what is on the outside that counts, but what is under that counts:

Sometimes I feel like the rear of this car can just sense the torque going to a wheel and divide it appropriately:

And it can now stop as well it can turn and go:

And it all can't be done without the following modifications!

Ground Control Coilovers (550lbs/in front springs, 275lbs/in rear springs on track/school valved Koni's)
Ground Control Camber Plates (-3.0º Camber, +7.8º Caster, 0 toe)
Fays2 Watts Link (soon to be replaced by BMR's Watts when it comes out)
Strano Performance Parts/Hellwigg 35mm Front Swaybar
BMR LCA Relocation Brackets
BMR TCA022 Poly/Spherical boxed LCA's
Cortex Racing Torque Arm
Moog RK front LCA's with Energy Polyurethane bushings
Moog "Problem Solver" tie rod ends ***

Autocross: 4x 18x10 SVE Drifts in Dark Stainless with 285/35/18 Hankook Ventus RS3V2's
DD: 4x 18x9 Enkei PF01's in painted Silver with 265/40/18 Hankook Ventus RS3V1's (replacing with 265/40/18 Conti DW's)

Carbotech 1521 "Bobcat" Pads
Centric 120 series Blank rotors (12.4" front 11.6" rear, aka Stock size)
Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines ***

Hypermotive Tune
Roush Extreme Catback Exhaust
JLT Oil Catch Can
McLeod Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line ***
Torsen T2R rear diff
FRPP Finned Differential Cover (stock Track Pack/Boss 302 aluminum diff cover)

Redline 75W90 NS diff oil
Penzoil Syncromesh Manual Transmission Fluid ***
Zerex G-05 Coolant ***
Mobil 1 5W30 Engine Oil
Valvoline "DOT3/DOT4 brake fluid" ***

*** means parts currently on hand, just not installed like those 285/35/18 RS3's need to still be mounted on the 18x10 SVE Drifts:

Pictures are worth a thousand words... my videos are worth about 3! :D Suspension really is a game of seeing is believing:

Of course if you are just unfamiliar with handling, videos can be an eye opener:

Kinda killed some cones at the end of that run... and had a poor line... but yeah! :)

On a final note, if you are curious about my build, a lot of information can be found on the following blog:
Cone 502 Racing

Or if reading blogs makes you want to vomit, you can follow the car on Facebook: Or on both! :)

Otherwise, the autocross section of Modded Mustangs has all of my after action reports in them and I usually post the latest after action report in my signature for my posts!

Thanks again for letting me be in the ROTM! Good luck to the other competitors, you all have great cars!

I got some new photos too! :)

EDIT: Photobucket compression SUCKS.... lets see how long FB keeps them up! :D

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My name is Derrick, I'm 25 years old.

Mine is a 1970 Boss 302. Built in April of 1970 it was built and sold in Michigan where it has spent it's entire life. Its one of 230 Boss 302's built/ordered with the 4.30 Detroit locker differential which came with an external mounted oil cooler. This is commonly referred to as a "drag pack", but Ford never officially offered the drag pack on a Boss mustang and the oil cooler was only added as an engineering specification for the few cars ordered with the 4.30 differential. It was also ordered with a Shaker hood scoop, Close ratio 4 speed manual transmission, one of two transmission options offered for a Boss 302. The two transmissions were wide and close ratio 4 speeds, an automatic was not an option. Magnum 500 wheels and window lovers, but no rear deck spoiler. We restored it to as showroom correct as possible. My dad bought it as a rusty rolling forgotten shell of a car in 1978 and owned it for many years before we started the restoration. After 10 years of restoring everything on it, it's finally done. We have countless hours, and literally blood sweat and tears into it.

It's 100% stock besides a hidden CD player under the dash, slightly larger cam, and dynomax mufflers.

It's truly a joy to drive and I feel very blessed to own it.

As you can see the horns are both located on the passenger side of the radiator support. This was done on the 4.30 cars to allow the oil cooler to be mounted to the other side.

---------- Post added at 10:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:52 PM ----------

Oh, this spring I will be swapping the original 4.30 locker center section in the 9 inch out for a 3.50 limited slip. The 4.30 will get coated in some oil and stored incase I want to return that to original one day. The 4.30 gears attached to that 4 speed are simply too much for highway driving to shows and cruising through town. Its days at the drag strip are over, it doesn't need it's stump pulling gears anymore. Its time to tame the beast a bit so it can go on longer road trips.

I took some more yesterday. Excuse my cell phone pictures, its the only camera I have because I am not much into photography.

And a short video of the winter start up yesterday to keep the fluids flowing.

DEC '12 ROTM CO-Winner
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Not too much to talk about here sadly. My mod money has been cut short just having to maintain the thing :banghead Still in search of a discontinued pulley solution and tracking down a steering noise. But once the bugs are worked out it will be more car parts and hard driving :naughty:

02 Roush 360R its number 30 out of 141 and only 61 being red.
Just a few mods like a Prochamber o/r H with dumped SLP LM1's, cold air intake, I have some gauges waiting to go in and then looking for a smaller pulley.

It's signed :yes

And dressed to kill in drag

And of course it whines :naughty:

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here is my pos, when I have some more time Ill add some more info and a mod list.

bone stock when I bought when I was 16


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Thanks you for the Nomination .

My name is Paul I’m from Calif and I’m the original owner of my 1989GT.
I bought the 89 GT in May of 89 for my wife as a daily driver and then ten yrs later she wanted another car and at that point the 89 car became my project car.
In the past 8 yrs I’ve enjoyed just about every minute I’ve spend working on the car, from redoing the suspension, exhaust, 5 lug conversion, shaving the engine bay, hiding wires and vacuum line, and polishing any aluminum part under the hood.

Balanced/Blue Printed 306
TRW Forged Pistons
Ported Tubular GT-40 Intake
Heads ported, bowl blended & 5-angle valve job with e7's 1.94/1.6 valves
Crane 2030Cam w/rocker arm conversion
JBA 1-5/8” Headers
Romac 50oz. Aluminum/Steel Balancer

Steeda Tri Ax Shifter w/Quadrant & Adjustable Cable

MSD 8.5mm plug wires
MAC fender well cold air kit
March Performance Power and Amp Underdrive Pulleys
March Performance A/C, Power Steering, and Tensioner Covers
Borla Catback Exhaust
Magnaflow Tru X 2.5" stainless steel exhaust
Cervini Stalker Bumper Cover

H&R Sport Springs
Bilstein Struts & Shocks
Baer Bump Steer Kit
MM Chrome STB
MM Chrome CC Plates
MM Aluminum Panhard Bar
MM Lower Control Arms
MM Sub Frame Connectors
MM 4 Point K Member Brace
Ford Upper Control Arms
FMS 3.55 Gears
Urethane Bushings
TA Diff Cover
FMS Aluminum Driveshaft
17x9 SSR Integrals Wheels
Bridgestone Potenza RE730 245 X 40 X 17

5 Lug Conversion
Baer Track….. Front 13”
Baer Touring.. Rear 12”
Slotted and Crossed-Drilled Rotors

Zip's half naked helper
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Paul, I edited your post, hope you like it. If I need to change something, lemme know.

Good luck to all in the voting!
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