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How To: Mark VIII engine swap


Forced Induction (FAQs) & Turbo/Supercharger Basics Pt.1

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How To: Understand supercharger and effects of installation

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How To: Compare 3:27 vs. 3:73 vs. 4:10 rear-end gears

How To; Installation new rear end gears

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How To: Install hood-pins '99~'04

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Test function on trip reset button

How To: 1/4 mile drag race tips

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4.6 modular spark plug list


AWSF-32C / stock heat range - copper plug
AWSF-22C / 1 Heat range colder - copper plug
AWSFA-12C / 2 Heat ranges cooler - copper plug
AGSF-32C/ Recommended for FRPP heads(not sure on heat range)


TR-55/ 3951/ Stock Heat Range
TR-6/ 4177/ 1 Step Colder
BP7EFS (PN - 3526) BR7EF (PN - 3346) two steps
R5724-8 (PN - 7317) two and a half steps
R5724-9 (PN - 7891) three steps
R5724-10 (PN - 7993) four steps


764s / Stock
103s / 1 heat range cooler
AR94 / 2 heat ranges cooler
AR93 / 3 heat ranges cooler
AR92 / 4 heat ranges cooler


304's / 1 stage colder
344's / 2 stages colder
YS-59C / -3 or -4 below stock heat range


IT16 / stock heat
IT20 / -1 heat range
IT22 / -2 heat ranges
IT24 / -3 heat ranges

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a previous post:

Alright we have been getting alot of questions about what to put on your car when its stock or just about stock. So here is a list of things to get that you will benifit the most from without hurting your motor.

1. Cat-back exhaust, you can't have a mustang without good sound to it
(MAC, Magnaflow, Borla, SLP, Bassani, Flowmaster)
2. Mid-pipe either h-pipe or x-pipe. If you are worried about inspection or emmissions get a catted h-pipe or x-pipe. ( MAC, BBK, Bassani but wouldn't reccommend it since it sounds like a loose convertor sometimes.
3. GEARS, definately a must if you can afford it cause the labor at most shops is 300 to install. 4.10 gears are the norm and there is not a difference between gas milage of 4.10 and 3.73 so get 4.10 if you want the most out of your car.
4. Shifter, cause 3rd gear is a pain in the butt. (pro-5.0 or steeda tri-ax)
5. Upper plenum (Accufab, C&L, Dragon, Trick Flow)
6. Throttle bodie, wouldn't go with a 75mm unless you have heads and cams cause it can actually hurt you. (Accufab, MAC, FRPP, Dragon, Trick Flow)
7. Tuner or chip, with the gears and all the modifications you can squeeze some extra power out with a tune, preferably on a dyno. (SCT, Diablo)
8. Underdrive pulleys, reduces drag on the accesories. (STEEDA, MAC)
9. If you need a clutch (Centerforce dual friction, closest to stock feeling, SPEC)
10. Springs, to lower that 4x4 ride height (Eibach, Steeda)
11. Longtube headers, a good improvement on exhaust flow over the stock but some might have problems with inspections (MAC, BBK, Hooker)
12. CAI, just get a little breath of colder air, only expect between 3-7 hp from these (JLT CAI or RAI highly recommended, Densecharger, Mac, BBK but don't recommend getting a chrome CAI cause it actually gets hotter air, and of course K&N)

Well thats all i can think of right now, with these modifications you will be started on the fast track to having a pretty fast car with a mean sound. And should be running in the 13's to high 12's depending on driving skills.

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romeo and windsor difference's:

how to tell a difference externally:

run the vin
99 and 00 models were mostly windsors, and went into 01 as well
valve cover bolts are different, romeo's have 11 and windsors have 13/14
driver's side valve cover sticker will say windsor on windsor motor (not sure on romeo's)

differences between the 2:

windsor motors have press on cam gear, romeo cam gears were bolt on
windsor motors in gt's were 8 bolt crank
main caps are different
windsors have cam caps, romeo's have cam girdles

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Trans Model First Second Third Fourth
4R44E-------2.47 1.47 1.00 0.75
4R55E-------2.47 1.47 1.00 0.75
4R70E-------2.84 1.55 1.00 0.70
4R75E-------2.84 1.55 1.00 0.70
4R70W------2.84 1.55 1.00 0.70
4R75W------2.84 1.55 1.00 0.70
4R100-------2.71 1.54 1.00 0.71
AODE -------2.84 1.55 1.00 0.70
AODEW------2.84 1.55 1.00 0.70
AXOD-E-----2.77 1.54 1.00 0.69
AOD--------2.40 1.47 1.00 0.67
AOD-E------2.40 1.47 1.00 0.67
A4LDE------2.47 1.47 1.00 0.75
A4LD-------2.47 1.47 1.00 0.75
E4OD-------2.71 1.54 1.00 0.71

1st: 3.37
2nd: 1.99
3rd: 1.33
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.67

1st: 3.38
2nd: 2.00
3rd: 1.32
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.62 (used on 01-04 with 3.27:1 final drive)

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installing lowering springs:

raise car in the air. support the car off the frame, not anywhere off the suspension

take off wheels


take off brake caliper, abs sensor, sway bar

put jack under a-arm, jack till cars weight is on a arm

take 2 nuts 1 bolt off the top of strut

lower a-arm till strut comes out of wheel well and spindle is able to be moved out

pry down on a-arm and remove old spring

install isolator and new spring

reverse proceedures


its easier to do one side at a time

put jack under lower control arm mount on axle side and jack till axle is supported

loosen control arm bolts from axle side and pull bolt

lower slowly

pull old spring

install isolator on new spring and reinstall spring

revers procedure

this is the steps if i can remember right, i am at work right now, i will look over the mach once i get home to make sure i got it all.

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