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The Post A Pic Of Your Ride As It Sits, Thread...

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A new idea that may be fun. Just go outside, into the garage, out to the shop, dowstairs, whatever it maybe. And take a pic and post it! It is that easy!

Here is mine in the in laws drive way with a fresh coat of wax. I need to buff some winter scratchs, but the wax helps until the weather holds mostly good rather than mostly bad...
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Mine is under cover, so does that count? It's behind the bike ...

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Are those American Racing Wheels? Saw one earlier on 4wheelonline.
No, MT ( SC-5 )..........................& they're for sale with the MT tires in the pic..
Sup yall!
Currently sits in the garage since late January.. cracked intake manifold. Stockpiling parts and saving $ to have it properly rebuilt. Other pic is a few days before in the evening sun..
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