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The Post A Pic Of Your Ride As It Sits, Thread...

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A new idea that may be fun. Just go outside, into the garage, out to the shop, dowstairs, whatever it maybe. And take a pic and post it! It is that easy!

Here is mine in the in laws drive way with a fresh coat of wax. I need to buff some winter scratchs, but the wax helps until the weather holds mostly good rather than mostly bad...
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i have come to this thread to rape ur car........again

so hot, its got the perfect stance:yes
Thanks guys!! really appreciate it!! :)

Finally got some cruising / rolling pics of my car!!! I love to see rolling pics of my cars... sorry Iphone pics :rolleyes:

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hmmm , looks like i missed too many of the actions in here...
she is! ;)
she loves fast drives down the strip, doing burnouts and her favorite food is rice :cool
haha thats awosome man!!! lol
small bump i promise

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im sick and bored as hell at home at weekend... so i started her up for sometime and let enjoy the weather and the sunset :D

sorry, i phone pics lol

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codycat91: lol thanks dude, yep it's bone stock but not for long anymore!! Tune and 4.10s are coming!!! Tint is 50% all around expect windshield, looks darker in pics... maybe becoz of the sunset...

serbiandude: thanks buddy!! ever since i started using Meguiar's Wax and i mostly go :drool at her lol
^^ Nice job Torch!! doesn't look bad at all!!!!!!
some nice machines out there!! :)

Mine is just sitting there and collecting dust with dead battery... waiting on fire to Finnish the University's final exams and fix her up!!!! ;)

Sorry , BlackBerry camera :confused: :rolleyes:

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if u want to

i felt like that about 3 hours ago
drop my girl off and she wants me to meet her grandpa, since he wasnt home last time, and the dude takes me into his garage, under the cover hes got an 03 cobra, 13k on odometer, just immaculate man
i wanted to **** it :lmao
real cool guy, i get to drive it in few weeks giggitty
major droolness... :drool
Ooo , that looks baaaad!
LOL buddy, bad as in good!!!!
yep, I don't know how some people get away with no cc plates and lowered, I guess I wasn't able to. I think ^^ this guy got away with it maybe
wow dude thats weird!!

maybe it depends on the way you use your car, BUT my last set of tires lasted for 1 year... lowered with no cc plates... thats weired since i used to drive every weekend or more...

when i was changing my tires, the guy at wheel shop menstioned that the cause of this wear was an un-adjusted tie rodes, rest is fine, wheel alignment fixed it!! :D
Nice stance Vince!!!!!!!!!! love it!! she is screaming for wheels!!!!!
nobody noticed the picture i quoted....look closely

Finally I'll fix my stang! (Coils issue)

Started her up yesterday and took her to my dad's workshop, but before that i had some minor fun at home :D:lmao

and then she goes 90 degree sidways while doing the burnout :D

Try 2

hell yeah!! i wanna do that again! (well until i get my new wheels, those will be blad!! haha)
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i wish i couldnt do burnouts in my driveway :(
i wish i could do burnouts in my apartment complex lol
I wish I could do a real burnout. (not a one wheel peel) :sorry
haha c'mon guys!! our neighbors hates my mustang cuz "its too loud" :shiftyeyes but i said screw them, grabbed my bro & camera and fun time!! :D

next time im doing it somewhere quite and alone on open roads :D
RAW format and processed and edited through Photoshop using a Nikon camera? :eek:

Looks awesome!
Pic from today

Pic earlier today I photoshoped (lowered, fatter rear tires and a mach 1 chain)

wow! im bored!! :confused:
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once again, the sexiest stance ever. I hate you for living in Dubai where the roads are so perfect. If you bring that car to the states, You'll be missing bumpers and exhaust pipes in less than an hour of driving.
mana- i freaking love ur car
moar pics !!!!

my should be lowered by end of the day :banana :banana
Haha Thanks buddies! ;)

And Yeah Mach Stang, Once in a while I just drove the stang to other city where there is a Drag strip, that city's roads are just crap! :mad: I was having hard times (nightmares better say) at speedbumps!! Thanks god Im in Dubai!! :woot ;)

Did a small morning cruise today in the countrysides!! Yeah! My mustang is back! Pulls Hard and runs strong!! :)

I Need fatter rears :rolleyes: can't wait to get my 18x10 Saleens!! :D

serbiandude: I think only a 0.5" more Drop is your fix!!! :D
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Excellent looking Mana_MGT!!!! Makes me want Saleens that much more, how about you give me the 17s when you get the 18x10s? :D :D :D :D :D

Looks excellent!
Haha thanks dude!

But buddy I got Saleens 18x9 all round right (Yep Lame i know lol) so Im getting only a pair of rears which are 18x10 :D , wanna get my 18x9 warped in 275's ? :D

do my 18's look like 17's??? :eek::eek: lol
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