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The Post A Pic Of Your Ride As It Sits, Thread...

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A new idea that may be fun. Just go outside, into the garage, out to the shop, dowstairs, whatever it maybe. And take a pic and post it! It is that easy!

Here is mine in the in laws drive way with a fresh coat of wax. I need to buff some winter scratchs, but the wax helps until the weather holds mostly good rather than mostly bad...
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Haha Yea Dude!

Once you go 18's, You'd never go back! same as with 20's,22's and 24's and even 28's!!!! :eek: nah just kidding lol

Im just waiting to get my wheels from p1sc98stang :shiftyeyes , looks he's having hard times :( but lets wait :D
MANA, I can't think of any other positive compliment to say about your ride especially that stance.:yes

Serb, how about some colored pics broski? I'd love to see that car in full detail...:)
Thanks dude, really appreciate it!! ;)

But you know? every time I look at THOSE 3 Mustangs, I go :drool: and feel my Mustang ain't nice enough! still I love mine thought! :D ;)

boy! that's big t!ts :drool
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SO question Mana, do you get alot of looks having a Mustang over there in Dubai? Im sure they arent as common as over here, I would think you would get some glances and those Cobras are pure secks...
Hell yeah dude!! see the 99-04's are rare in here since at there days, dealers won't had them, from the 2005, dealers start importing them and had them as Middle east specifications, In Dubai you see 05s and newer on roads from time to time (had few buddies who got them) but for the 99-04's you should search around for a used imported one or import by yourself, so yeah, being an 2003, good looking dark shadow gray with a good stance, I get a good amount of looks and comments each ride! :D
^^^daaaym dude!! that looks f*cking dope!!!! the stance i mean :D ;)
Same as the 5.0...But she has 10K HID's...
wow! im confused now!! :crazy
see, mana, LOLOLOL. :facepalm.

sorry buddy but right now im in the University :( when im done ill get back to you, but hey, im running 18x9 at rear (lame, i know lol) warrped in 275-??-18

ill check that and get back to ya! :)
btw thanks everyone for the feedback bout my car! :D
Looking good, Vince and Brody!
Looking good Dale!! Love the 03 Cobra wheels!!
Did a small cruise last weekend :D

Country side

City drive

it was quick though, mainly i was testing the new 4.30s , I want more power now :rolleyes:
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Nice! Wish we had some desert highway's like that around here too just stretch the cars legs out on.
Yeah dude! its fun to do those cruises on those Highways morning or evening! ;)
do you ever have the problem of sand storms though? I hear they can do a number to your car.
Yeah, sand is bad, specially if you live in country side, for example, if u leave the car in a sandy area, those tiny sand particles will find there way to your Differential housing, Air filter, throttle body and maybe intake valves, will cause bad squirreling noise to your coilovers and Leaf springs, will eat the bearings, will eat your transfer shaft (in 4x4's) and the list goes on :eek: Learned that from Taxes,California and Arizona people! ;)

Thank god we live somehow inside the city, still we get some sand storms but they are mini compared to the country sides :)

Mana, the stance of that thing is sick! Very well put together. Perfect wheel choice.
Thanks buddy :D im looking into these as a 2nd set :rolleyes:

18x9 fronts & 18x10.5 rears :drool , picture them in chrome face & lips! :drool :drool:drool:rockon

Looking good Vinc!!!
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^those are very nice
Yeah :yes , i went insane when I saw them yesterday on this cobra

Photoshoped I know, but they look good! and cheap! :D
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Im really loving the chromium black over the gloss...but both would look sexy as hell on MG.
Im torn between the Chromium and Gloss Black rims for my Mineral Grey Cobra:dunno

And thanks for the reps bro:yes
I say go for Chromium Black, that color is just :drool , im getting that for mine fo sho! :yes

Here is a pic of other set of XXR wheels i had before for my other DD, Chromium black :yes

Yep, in living room :D , notice the blue shade in them... just :drool

But unfortunately I was too ******* and paint them this very screaming green :eek:

still they looked funny and was attracting everyone's attention in my little suzuki :eek: :funnah:lmao fun days!
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Lol shoulda threw them on that four wheeler...
guess being unique is always fascinating, huh? :eek:
I love R6's :drool

when my ****ing CBR gets fixed??? :mad:
Baddazz!!! :drool

Love the effort paid into her paint quality!!
suffering from a misfire again :mad:

god! its getting ugly!!! , I know I've hose it down, but c'mon! i did use an air compressor after that!! :mad:

yesterday I drove her for a quick ride, idling like a stupid pig and CEL was flashing from time to time and I need to renew the stupid registration (guess i need to rise the car) :mad:

this sucks!!!!! :(
Are you effing kidding buddy??? post some more pics of that super cleany-sexy hooker!!!!! meeow!!! :D

Hell yeah!!! :rockon but i wouldn't even dare to dive that thing if it was real!!!

heres mine, chillin at home while we plasti-dipped my buddies cx7....

SN95 + rear end + fat meats = W1N!!!!
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