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Enter Modded Mustang's Ride Of The Month Competition now! Want all your friends to be jealous? Think you have the coolest ride here? Want to influence friends, gain popularity, and be able to brag about how ridiculously awesome you are?

Then check out our ROTM forum, and be sure to enter yourself in every month's show off thread. You can't win if people don't know who you are and what you're driving, so get your ass out of this forum section and make it so!

MM in no way shape or form guarantees gaining or influencing friends, gaining popularity, or ensuring bragging rights.

But we can offer you a spot on MM's front page from time to time, and if you've been a popular choice in various ROTM contests, chances are you have a good shot at MM's Car Of The Year! Yes, I know, SUPER amazing!

What's that you say, you've never seen our home page?

It's here: MM Home

If you're interested in either making your ride noticed for ROTM, or just nominating someone's badass car that you think deserves a shot, or just drooling over and voting for amazing Mustangs, you can do so here:

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