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This book worth getting....??

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Let me start off with im good with tools and, with my dad owning a body shop (that still ends up doing lots of mechanic work), we have tons of tools and things that i can use to get the job done. Im good with tools and anything i tear down i can put back together like it was (dont have to number or assort screws anymore, its in the head. LOL) So will this book be enough to help walk me through the rebuild of my 4.6 with forged internals? I know i still have this forum for some questions and have a few guys phone numbers so i wont be stranded. Is the book worth getting? They have it at the local book store. Any other books yall may recommend? How to Rebuild 4.6-/5.4-Liter Ford Engines (S-a Design, Workbench Series) (9781932494808): George Reid: Books
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Dont forget to label and take pics of all the parts as you take them apart, along with how things look before taking them apart hahaha jk. Ive seen it on the net, never seen it at a local store before so I donno how good/bad it is. The sean hyland one pretty much sucks though (unless youre someone who knows nothing more than stuff about exhausts and intakes), ill tell you that much.
yeah, There are guys that come in and decide they want a job so my dad will have them show him what they can do. Ill be like "what do you have all those cups with labels for?" he will say, "thats so i can keep up with where each one goes." I was thinking, "this wont last". Ends up being WAY TOO SLOW!
can't hurt.
yeah thats what im thinking. I saw it at the book store a while back when i was up there with farrah but didnt pick it up and check it out. I guess ill just have to take a gander at it while up there and then decide to buy it or not.
^ thats what id to. Spend a little time checking out the hot chicks at the book store and looking it over to see if theres anything worth while.
and the females at a book store are the kind that you want to hang on to. Not an "ole ratchet hoe from outside da club".
i have the one by Sean Hyland. i would highly recommend that one. he is one of the biggest names in 4.6 engines, i read the whole book and learned a ton!
im looking for one to learn from but also kinda walk me through the proper steps with proper torquing of the bolts, some good timing info, etc.
don't forget the connect the dot's & coloring pages :p...............................................j/k :drink
i have both the hyland and the book u posted.. both are really good books when learning to build ur car from bottom up... i reccommmend this book..
lol... Man casper, i think im making this WAY WAY harder than what it is. I tore down that 5.4 block and was like "that wasnt ****". Im just paranoid as i dont like to go into things blindly. I could put that 5.4 shortblock together today. I just would like to know all the perks to look for and keys to putting it together. Not just saying "hell, i can put it back".
i have both the hyland and the book u posted.. both are really good books when learning to build ur car from bottom up... i reccommmend this book..
wanna send em to me? lol.... if you didnt plan on using them at all for a while, toss em to me. I'd send em back when i got done. I saw these books for like 40 to 50 bucks.
40 bucks!!!! no no.. go to and get them.. very low priced.. if u dont wanna get em i can send one to you
You mind sending the one i posted? Ima a cool dude, i wouldnt sell you out bro on getting it back to you. lol.
nothing to building a motor, your taking all the right step's & asking the right questions, IMO you'll be fine once you get every thing collected & get started (I just HAD to bust your balls with the connect the dot's comment though :D)
yeah i know... trust me, ive gave WAY more hard times than ive recieved. I deserve them. Yeah man, just making sure everything is balanced, torqued right, lubed up, and turning VERY nice like, shouldnt be ****!
20 bucks for that book. Dont know how much for the other one. Boostang, if you aint feeling sending it, its no biggie bro. What do you have done to run that low 11 time. almost 10's bro.
lubed up........................:eek:
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