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is there any way to adjust the timing with out a tuner?
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actually YES there is
you can advance the timing on your cam or retard it

so the answer is YES it is possible to ADJUST timing without a tuner
and if it pings/detonate rip it apart and star again? sounds like a PITA not to mention how would u know how much you have adjusted it?
well first off its MUCH MUCH MUCH more common then using a tuner. infact any v8 motor you buy you will have that option
any engine you rebuild you have to adjust timing!
its VERY easy if you know what to do and VERY easy not to screw up
and ask any carb setup guy how he adjust his timing. aside from saying his distributor he'll say a cam. you say well why not a tuner...him-->:confused:umm what?
yes i know we're not carb'd but your making it seem like my idea is rediculous and its more benifical then a tuner
and REQUIRED with any CAM Install
and there is are timing marks and about scale that reads -10 to 0 to +10
its as easy as turning a wrench
agreed it dont sound like a good idea
actually with a cam its the ONLY idea:rolleyes:

but i guess we could just throw in a cam and only adjust timing with the tuner! that'll work super great?

hmm looks like false information a little in my eyes
well in that case putting a tuner in someones hands that doesnt know what -6 spark means or +9 they might say oh hey 9hp!
hmm i can put this many way
i think adjusting a cam is pie
so is playing with a tuner
but the question was if there was a way to do it without and tuner none the less the question wasnt answered correctly and im pretty sure you went back in edited your post too

awww is itschristorres8 being right about a tranny thread getting to you now:no
guess i should have adjusted my cam for my +3 degrees of timing on my stock cam rather then using my tuner :rolleyes:
too bad you probably couldnt do that:cool:
either way jug face it
THE QUESTION wasnt answered correctly and you did NOTHING to say against it
face it just like the thread you moved I AM RIGHT

and go ahead and come back with the smartass
yea itschristorres8 is always right blah blah
you know what i'll say
thank you. everyone seems to be saying the same thing
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1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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