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I've assembled all the parts to repair the engine in my 2002 GT. In my driving enthusiasm I put a rod through the oil pan at 178,000 miles.

I'd really appreciate any input from those who have actually done it or know links to any articles, etc. Interested in mismatch in bolt-holes, any water lines under the manifold, attaching the front dress from my 2002.

The engine is a 1997 Lincoln 4V 4.6 (stroked to 5.0 all forged parts) that I'm using with 2V Patriot heads, Cushman Cams, etc. I'll put a list below.

Boys and girls, this 62 year-old guy is plowing new ground with the SOHC, but, I'm learning. Just don't want to go in totally ignorant.

Here's the parts on my little car:

• Aluminum Teksid Block Stroked to 5.0
• Patriot Stage 2 Heads
• Cushman Motorsports Stage 2.5 N/A cams
• Comp Valve Train
• Edelbrock Victor Jr Manifold
• 30 LB Injectors
• Sam O’Rear Billet Manifold adapter
• Edelbrock 75MM Throttle Body
• UPR Pro Fuel Rails
• Aviator Fuel Pump
• Pypes H-Pipe with Converters
• BBK Shorty Headers
• Motorsports High Volume Oil Pump
• Canton Road Race Oil Pan
• UPR Cold Air Intake
• SCT Chip and Xelerator II
• BBK SFI Underdrive Pulley
• Automatic Transmission
• Precision Industries Stallion 9.5 Inch, 2800-3200 Stall Billet Converter
• Brenspeed Deep Sump Automatic Pan
• Transmission Cooler
• Steeda Stage One Suspension
Caster Camber Plates,
Strut Tower Brace
Sport Springs
Auxiliary Rear Sway-Bar, adjustable for over/under steer
KYB Adjustable Struts 4-Way
KYB Adjustable Shocks 8-Way
• BBK Upper and Lower control arms
• T-style Sub-Frame Connectors
• Flowmaster Mufflers
• 3.90:1 Motive Gears
• 10.5X17 Bullitts with 315/35 Sumutomos Rear
• 9X17 Bullitts with 255/45 Sumutomos Front
• Hood Scoop/Spoiler Delete
• Mach I Chin Spoiler
• 13” Cobra Front Brakes with braided steel lines
• Unique SOHC Flag Emblems
• New Smoked Headlights
• Mach 460 Stereo, Sirius Satellite Radio with 6 CD

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everything should be the same.....sweet2kstang and some other members would be much more knowledgable though.

Clean looking ride though!

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Thanks for the input!

Neverfastenough1 I couldn't afford it until I got my kid raised and got into sales where you can pick an amount of money you want to make, then go produce that much. You can give yourself a raise anytime you want to, that way. Here's the secret though, to be great in sales you don't have to be a good talker, you have to be a better listener, and use that to solve problems for the customer. Very different that what it was in the 1960,s.

We're making a trip in that car to Savannah in November. Is that too late to have some decent weather and shrimp?

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I knew there was a catch, gotta get those kids out of the house, and possibly the wife , too, if I want any money. Two kids down, two about to turn 18 in year and a half :D. One about to turn 18 in 10 years :(. Ah, I am never gonna get there because I don't think the wife is gonna leave when I tell her its her time. As far as the weather goes, probably gonna rain on you, but maybe not. I have been to the beach in December one year and freezing the next. I hope your trip turns out well. I don't eat shrimp, but I am sure you can still get some fresh crustaceans still. If I were there, I would make some Low Country Boil, and you could have all the shrimp, yuk.

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Hey NFE1,
Remember that kids don't get really expensive until they leave home! It's peanuts before then! Better start squirreling that lunch money away in your tool box as soon as possible!

Not eating shrimp, is that for religious reasons or just because they are just bottom feeding poop suckers?
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