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Tokico D-specs

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I read that a few of the aftermarket strut mounts don't work with these...why? What ones do? I know mine are garbage...have been for awhile thanks to road construction (and a few of my own special tricks), so they'll have to be replaced when I install new shocks. Thanks again.
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^OEM GT500 strut mounts, should be all you need unless you really want to pay more for Steeda's adjustable ones
^^^ +1! thats what I used with my steeda sport springs and tokico's. works great!

might be able to go to any Ford Dealer and get them cheaper, avoid the shipping charges
The ford updated replacement upper strut mount will work with them. They make two different ones, a convertible one and a coupe one. You can find them at your local ford dealership. If not we have both versions in stock. Give me a call if you need a part number.
Thanks, all. So noted for the soon-to-be-bought Tokicos...thankfully, the price has come down on the shock/strut set in the past couple of years! Budget's been tight while I'm freeing up some cash flow, instead of interest flow...yikes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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