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still bone stock 09 GT. track was in the high 50s or low 60s. perfect weather but...the drag radials worked against me.
I borrowed my friends Nittos from his GT500...they were on FR500s 18x10 with a 325 tire on it and 29inch tall:eek:
I figured i'd lose mph but make it up with great 60s
wasnt the case. I couldnt get the tire to spin at all

21psi in the tire. 4000rpm clutch dump. BOG and nose a 1.98 60ft but trrapped 101.4mph instead of my 104.4mph..that was a 13.4 run
next launch
5000rpm clutch dump...same psi in the tire. bogged again. 1.99 60ft and 13.38 at 102mph...
next 6000rpm clutch dump,pretty much full throttle clutch dump. it bogged...13.37 at 102....matched my street tire time but less mph...
so i raised the tire pressure to 28psi
4500rpm clutch dump and it bogged 13.39 at 102
last run 4500rpm slipped the clutch and it wheel hopped like crazy instead and got a 2.160ft and 13.5 pass

still had a good time. I was going to enter a bracket racing competition for NSCRA Dec 6 but i have a damn meeting at work =/ sucks...on street tires i've run between 13.37 and 13.45 with 4 passes in a row. Last time i saw the event a few months ago the winner ran between 12.4 and 12.8...
w/e lol

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That big tall tire was killing you. A set of 245 or 275 m/t street radials would work wonders for you, still really good times for a stock car though!
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