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There certainly are a ton of special editions, high performance packages, and other legendary features of these cars! So, here is a list of what I think are the best 10 of the packages ever available for the Mustang (flamesuit is on standby, this one might get ugly since this is a Mustang forum:D).

10. ’82 GT 5.0 HO- In ’80 Ford dropped the 302 motor for a 4.2L V8 in order to help fuel economy. By the early ‘80s, they had had enough of seeing their Mustangs get utterly destroyed by Z28s and Trans Ams sporting 6.6Ls, 5.7Ls, and even such things as 4.9L turbos. Ford dove headfirst back into the pony car market with a Mustang branded “5.0” which they had hoped would boost sales. A 6-second 0-60 time, an outrageous hood scoop, and a healthy new small-block later, Ford created a name that would mean only one thing for coming Mustangs: performance. The 5.0 was considered the most formidable Mustang motor until 1993 when it was replaced by the new 4.6L. Even now, many Mustang enthusiasts will pass on a newer Mustang and opt for an older 5.0 model.

9. '68 GT 390- A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is one of Steve McQueen burning tires.

8. ’69 Mach 1- Little more than an appearance package with a few decals and a special hood, this package continued until ’73. For every year it was produced it signified extra performance options. While every engine in the Mach 1 was available in a regular GT, the Mach 1 featured special “drag packs” that had things like wedge combustion chambers in ’71 428s, ram air hood scoops, and otherwise unavailable axle ratios. The package was originally made just as a tribute to the Mustang beating 250 speed and endurance records at Bonneville.

7. ’69-'71 Boss- The Boss was a special package, but unlike most other Mustang packages it wasn't a one-size-fits-all deal. The Boss 302s were cars that could handle with the Camaro Z28s, the Boss 429s were powerhouses built to homologate the new NASCAR 429 motor, and the Boss 351s were the last vestiges of Mustang performance (along with the Mach 1) still available going into the crisis-ridden ‘70s. Each Boss had its own personality to suit the buyer and true Boss cars are worth big money today.

6. Shelby GT350H/GT-H- The '66 GT350H and '06 GT-H are both rental casr, specially sold only to Hertz. GT350Hs are often cloned and originals are very collectible. The GT-H cars feature high performance exhaust, CAI, an automatic, high performance suspension, and 3.55 rear gears.

5. ’82 Special Service Package- When the California Highway Patrol asked Ford for a high-performance pursuit vehicle, Ford answered with one very badass 5.0 Mustang. Featuring forged pistons, headers, stainless exhaust, heavy duty front and rear suspension, a 140mph speedometer, an oil cooler, and a larger fuel tank, these cars were specially suited for duty under many agencies. These agencies include 33 state highway patrols, the DEA, the FBI, the INS, Border Patrol, US Customs, the Canadian Mounties, and the US Air Force. The Air Force used the car as a tracer vehicle to land their U2 spy planes. One example shipped to Seal Beach, California is said to have been specially modified by Saleen.

4. ’84 SVO- A Mustang truly before its time. Almost endless are the technological marvels and firsts on this car. Ford created a 4-cylinder turbocharged Mustang that was only a hair behind its V8 counterparts on the strip and miles ahead on the track. Specially designed rear suspension that helped control wheelspin (still used on Mustangs today), the first variable pressure turbocharger system, and bunch of cool gadgets defined this car. It proved that 4-cylinders could compete with V8s, got good gas mileage, was loaded with technology, had sharp handling, and reliability that would become quite renowned. Sounds like the makings of a truly great car to me.

3. ’08 Shelby GT500KR- When Shelby created the beast that is the new GT500, they only forgot one thing: the suspension. Enter the GT500KR, the solution to the aforementioned problem. With all the features of the regular GT500, coupled with these new suspension improvements, this car is truly fitting of its GT500 nameplate.

2. ’00 SVT Cobra R- In ’99, people were still blasting the new 4.6L motor from Ford. Mustang sales were still down, so the SVT division decided they would show everyone just what the Mod motor could. They opted for a 5.4L DOHC 32-valve powerplant with special intake and heads to improve air flow. The exhaust consisted of tubular headers running into an X-pipe, through Borla mufflers, and dumping out the sides. The only thing bigger than its bulging hood was that massive rear wing (which is slightly reminiscent of that of the Daytona/Superbee). To make the car stick better SVT threw on Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks, bigger sticky tires, and some big Brembo brakes. Topping it all off were 3.55 gears and a 6-speed. Just for that little bit extra to signify this as a true street-legal racecar, SVT decided air conditioning, a radio, and a backseat were no longer included. At the time, this was the fastest Mustang ever built (0-60 in 4.7 and 1/4-mile in 13.2). It shined in acceleration and handling, plus it had great road manners for a car in its class (street-legal racecars, refer to “8 Muscle Cars That Weren’t So Fun To Drive”). Magazines loved it, all 300 were sold quickly, and it defined the term “instant classic”.

1. ’68 Shelby GT500KR- What do you get when a successful racing and high performance company decides to cross a car that was a “baby muscle car” with a motor originally designed to aid police in the capture of the high performance muscle cars of the day? The answer is the Shelby GT500. What do you get when said company becomes bored with the monster they created? The answer is the GT500KR edition. Featuring a front-end made almost entirely of fiberglass, a highly tuned 428 Cobra Jet (developed from the earlier Police Interceptor), and a crock of bullshit called 335hp to fool insurance companies, this car was not for the faint of heart. 335hp, seriously? This car put down something in the realm of 100 more than that. Shelby also tweaked the suspension and stuck bigger tires on to make the car handle better than most others of its day. The Hemis may have been faster down the strip, the Z/28s may have out-cornered it, but for some reason this car was just so damn cool! There is no Challenger, ‘Cuda, Camaro, Firebird, or AMX that can match its legendary appeal. There is no 426 Hemi, 440 6-pack, Yenko 427, or Ram Air 400 that can match the 428 Cobra Jet’s mystique. This car truly is the King of the Road.

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Good work, but ekkk 4 of the pictures turned into vets for me.

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Really, though, how many legit special editions were there? I barely get 10 unless I break up some of the models by generation:

Shelby GT
Mach 1
Boss 302/429
California Special
Twister Special
King Cobra
Cobra R

This list ignores outside tuner shops, such as Saleen, Roush, and '60s Shelbys. Cobras and late model GT500 ignored as they're not really special editions, but top-of-the-line Mustangs.

I think a better list would be top 3.

For me, they'd be
#3 - SVO. Out before the 5.0 HO and every bit as fast - cancelled because Ford didn't want the fastest Mustang being a 4-cylinder. It's the anti-Mustang. Designed to go up against the BMW 3-series in the twisties.

#2 - Cobra R. Very limited, and intended 100% for the track. Ford showing what they're capable of making, even if they price it out of the hands of the masses. The '00 Cobra R is still my favorite Mustang of all time.

#1 - Mach 1 - No Mustang as iconic as those with the Shaker hood. The '69 Mach 1 is one of the best looking cars ever made in the U.S., and has the power to back it up. As a bonus, it's one of very few cars that looks good with rear window louvers.

I'd give honorable mention to the Boss 302, but that really shows my bias towards road racing :)

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what reverend said SVO, 2000 Cobra R, modular mach 1 IMO, terminator, iacocca, and the new super snake because its just ridiculous for a "stock" car. they should bring back the SVO without making it into a total pig weight wise as most cars now a days are turning into.
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