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I am planning on putting on heads, cam and intake on my '95 5.0 motor. I want to use all TFS parts and match them as best as possible. My question is why do some parts like the cam and intake have a rpm range listed. What would happen if I had a TFS-r series intake with a stage 1 or 2 cam? Would it impede flow and be couterproductive or would it just flow better? The car will be primarily a daily driver but spending that kind of money I want to do it right the 1st time. Also what kind of computer issues will I have and what will have to be upgraded (computer, MAF, TB, injectors, etc.) with the new top end changes to make the car run correctly?
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Since it'll be a daily driver, I suggest you go with the following:

TFS Twisted Wedge heads
TFS Stage 1 cam
TFS Track Heat intake
76mm or 80mm MAF
75mm throttle body
24lb injectors
255lph fuel pump
Dyno tune
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