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This is basically announcing my current project and asking a few questions from someone new to the foxbodies.

I have a 1986 GT that I plan on putting a 347 into Built with the help of two people that most around my age have never heard of.

The Torque Man himself (from Torque Man inc. Suppliers of the first 331 and 347 stroker kits on the market. Actually my grandfather)

And the well known porter Buddy Jensen.

Have a 289-6V intake from blue thunder I sent off to buddy to get ported and I am Getting the last bit together of the engine itself and am starting to get to work on the car.

I still have it on the trailer less engine and tranny. Supposedly has an eybach rear suspension and a detroit locker in 3.90 for the rear as well as the svo bolt in roll cage. The body needs a little work and the interior needs a good deal but its in relatively good shape

I have gotten hooked on the look of the Saleen style front bumper/splitter and was wondering if it is possible to get the front to fit on a GT without fiberglass work. I don't have one to look at in person so I can't visualize how it mounts up.

I have been told that the 26x10.5 tires are about the largest you can go under the back without scrubbing, is this true? And how much torque can the stock input to the rear handle for a long period of time?

The car is not going to be a drag car its going to basically be a really fun street car to visit the track from time to time and play with the ricers on long rides up the interstate.
Thanks, any help is appreciated.

I'll have some pre project pics up soon
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