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traction control problem?

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I have just bought a 2003 V-6 auto and I have found that this control turns on at about 15000 rpm untill i reach 20000, and them the motor bogs down not allowing the tires to turn faster then 20000 rpm. is there a limiter in line, and if so how do you bypass it,{burnouts with only 1 tire sucks} when traction control is turned off {via button on dash}the right side tire is allowed to spin to about red line.
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I wasn't aware that your engine can turn 20000 rpm:D:tomato

Traction control is going to keep your tires from spinning. It applies the brakes and cuts the fuel to eliminate wheel spin. Once your car has traction again your car will release the brakes and allow more fuel to flow until you spin again. Then the process repeats.
OPPS!! two many zeros {crazy fingers}
You should have a button to turn it off, but you will still have a one tire fire because the V6's are an open diff, no type of T-loc
Peg leg burnouts FTW! (nothing you can do about it)
Well that sucks,Its a good thing i love this car.
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