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Hi All!
Just joined the forums! Like the title says, tragedy has struck my 01 2V. She went KABOOM big time so now I am trying to bring her back to life. Sorry this is sooo long but I am having fun with it!!!

Lets start by getting acquainted with my build so far:
4.6L 2V
2.1L Kenne Bell supercharger - 9psi (intercooled!!)
Flowmaster exhaust with H-pipe (no cats :sneaky:)
SVE red brake upgrade kit (LMR)
Short shifter (previous owner special)
AEM boost & Wideband
Kenne Bell 90mm Mass Air Meter
75mm Throttle Body
36lb injectors
160 degree thermostat
one step colder plugs
flywheel and clutch upgraded by previous owner, he said stage 2 but he had no details
Lowered on springs (another previous owner special)
Everything else is stock or I am forgetting it.

Now for my goals:
12-14psi from the 2.1L
hoping for 500+hp
budget is less than 10k

Flex fuel?? e85? - not very accessible for me but I have a focus st as a daily. I would like to order a drum to keep for e85 in the garage if you can get it delivered.
Supercharger is on its way to Kenne Bell now to get looked through and all seals replaced (check out the pictures of the supercharger belly pan!!! WOW!!!)
Plan right now for the motor is to go to Promar in Paterson NJ to get a full forged internal build, ported heads, oversized valves, and boost cams! This gonna cost me about 6k but they pick the motor up and deliver it for free. If you have better/cheaper ideas please share!

Need Help!:
Best flywheel/clutch?? Figured if I am in there already, might as well put some good good in there haha.
Engine management?? I am clueless here...
Assuming I need an injector upgrade to hit my 500ish number.

I am happy to be part of the club! My apologize if there is a build like mine that I haven't come across! Please link if so, I am a good reader ;).

Any comment or suggestion is more than welcome!! No I will not go with a stroker motor. I do all the work myself other than the engine build/tune. Also if anyone knows a good tuner close to Orange County NY I would love to give them some business.

*Disclosure: I am soooo sorry if this is in the wrong place!!!!


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For the clutch I would recommend a spec stage 3+ and an 11 inch aluminum flywheel. As for engine management, I believe mega squirt makes a plug and play ecu but is not necessary until about 800-900 hp. And for injectors, go with siemens deka injectors 60lb and they are good for about 650hp. e85 is not necessary for your power number and you will get terrible mpg and cold starts are horrible as well. you could get to your power goal on 93/91 easily

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Ya can give Rob's Performance a call, he's in Belleville NJ. Don't know if he'll pick up the motor or deliver it though. I think he does tuning as well.

I have a similar build as yours, MMR 900 Manley forged Cobra block/ crank, TFS heads, TFS stage one cams, 90mm MAF, 75mm TB, and 2.1 KB intercooled at 9#.

I would recommend jumping to the SN95 Forum. this forum isn't as busy as it used to be. Several folks from here went there, and there is always something going on.
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