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trann swap parts list.

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My friend has a 99-00 v6 mustang. auto to. he wants to do a tranny swap to the ovbious manual. The only thing he currently has is the t-5 tranny. HE HAS NO OTHER PARTs. I need a complete and detailed parts list of what he will need for this swap to work. Thank you.
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well for starters, shifter, cluch, cluch petle, clutch linkedge, new brake pedal, maby new drive shaft.
just the driveshaft yoke not the drive shaft
but also has to reprogram his computer and get a harness for the manual tranny
ya wasen't shure thats why i said maby.
i don't like to be one to missinfrom people.
well not to be an ass but what exactaly do u have. jw because there could aleday be for example a shifter on it, and a clutch/clutch plate. so it is hard to say what all is needed.

oh and since u have to buy all this stuf, don't just go for stock replace ment, get upgraded stuf like a short throw shifter, better clutch that sort of thing.
well imo the auto to maual was or vice versa is not worth it unless u r puting in a bult trany, it would be just as afective and probaly cheeper to sell ur car and buy one like it with the trany u want. the exeptions being as alredty stated if u want a built trany, or if it is a rare car, that would be very hard to pind a nother of let alone get it for cheeper.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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