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trann swap parts list.

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My friend has a 99-00 v6 mustang. auto to. he wants to do a tranny swap to the ovbious manual. The only thing he currently has is the t-5 tranny. HE HAS NO OTHER PARTs. I need a complete and detailed parts list of what he will need for this swap to work. Thank you.
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just the driveshaft yoke not the drive shaft
but also has to reprogram his computer and get a harness for the manual tranny
How do you get the computer reprogrammed? And where can you get the harness for the manual tranny? If you went to a junk yard and found a wrecked manual V6.....could you just take THAT computer and harness...and any other parts for that matter?
well obviously those things yeah....but the wire harness and the computer u can use right out of a wrecked v6 right? i always wondered how this swap would work and what the cost to do it would be.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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