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So I have been having issues with my car for a few months and a lot of mechanics said it was because I was too hard on the gas and break. I guess mainly because I was only have issues out of it when I had to break hard or stop in general sometimes. But the fits were getting worse and I was beginning to lose my mind of it. Then while I was having my normal oil change, the mechanic got a little surprise when he put my car on the lift. I had a transmission leak. It had basically leaked 1 1/2 quarts of transmission fluid (Everywhere underneath it yuck)and the fluid that was in it stunk (idk if that was normal or not but it was horrible). Now it runs like a new one... runs better than the day I got it :D So no more embarrassing moments at the red lights ! ! ! On the plus side I didn't have to buy any parts for my transmission, just new tires X.X :shitbrick

Peace and Love

I hope I posted this right lol.
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