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ok, let me start off by saying that this track is brand new...and has only had 3 days of racing on it, with no vht or prep at all...also we are 4200 ft above sea level

i have had friends run full seconds faster in places like oklahoma, tn, etc(places that are sea level)

anway here are some vids

i run a 15.303 with a 2.71 60 ft...the gto runs a 14.706 w/ a 2.37 60ft

this was was my worst run of the night, i think i cut a 15.4 i ****ed up the launch pretty bad lol but still managed to catch the Z down the track

this is a race against a 1.8t jetta...i run a 15.232 with a 2.58 60 ft...the jetta gets a 15.072 with a 2.44 60 ft...3 tenths faster than he ran all night lol

anyway my best time ended up being a 15.186 w/ a 2.57 60ft time

i know they are not the best times in the world, but based on what my freinds have run here and out of town i think i'm looking at 14.2 - 14.4 runs at sea level, maybe even shave a few tenths off once the track has got some more rubber and vht on it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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