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turbo 2.3

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ok so i heard from my friend that theres a merkur in a junkyard near me. so i finally went there today and i looked at the car an its in decent shape, i opened the hood and the whole engine hasnt been touched, and everythings there. the only thing taken out was the front seats. the engine doesnt run tho. the guy told me he'd sell me the whole car for 600 dollars. so now he's holding it for me and in a couple months ill hopefully have a 2.3 turbo :D
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sweet, are you going to keep the merkur or putting it in a foxbody, i think the murkurs are ugly.its a good start. the best of luck to you
hey its got irs etc
atleast you would be doing something different that having a cookie cutter stang
they big weak link in them is the T9 trans, but if ur stang has a T5 then your good
minor mods to get it in
and they are pretty light and handle good
yea im gonna be gettin rid of the merkur, i think some are ugly and the one im gonna be getting is haha so im just gonna part it out after i get all of the things i need

and thanks i hope everything comes out well as well lol

it doesnt have a t5 its got the a4ld so ill prob just put the t9 in and later switch it to t5 when i get some more cash
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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