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for that money a turbo and supporting mods can be done. this would rape a GT motor. You have to realize that when these v6 motors are forged they can take just about whatever power level you want. we are near 700rwhp now on stock block and this is at around 20psi or less. Why swap a motor in that would need the same upgrades in if he went blown?

and if he is doing a swap don't settle for a GT motor. Last guy who did that spent a lot of money and is in the 250rwhp range with his 2v 4.6L. A procharger kit on the 3.8L and bolt-ons will get 300+rwhp.
He didn't say ford mustang GT motor....He just said ford GT motor...And i'm pretty sure a ford GT motor will completely rape any mustang :lol
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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