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Hello all.

I been having issues with my brake lights. First I noticed that my brake lights (except trunk) would not work when my steering wheel was tilted all the way down. All brake lights worked when wheel was tilted all the way up. I cant get in the car without tilt all the way up. I cant drive car unless tilt is all the way down... So every time I get in and out of the car I HAVE to use the wheel tilt. NO WAY AROUND IT.

I did some research and found that most people corrected this issue by replacing the turn signal switch. So I went ahead and replaced the turn signal switch. All lights worked correctly in all tilt positions for about 200 miles. Now the driver side light will not work when wheel is tilted all the way down. Passanger Light still works (I'm guessing that it will stop working soon also).

From what I understand it tugs on the harness? Is there any way to get some extra slack without splicing? I don't want to tear apart the harness if I don't have too.

Anyone can offer any advise on this.. I'm not very good with electrical..
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