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twin turbo questions

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ok, ive decided I want tt. my goal is to make a sleeper with 600+hp/600+tq @ 10psi. i want a kit capable of 15psi tho. the kits im considering are HP and Hellion.
1. Which kit would be the best (price vs goals).
2. Can those goals be reached with stock heads/intake (p&p of course)?
3. What cam is recomended?
4. Whats the smallest turbos that will produce the 15psi?
5. What kind of tranny (automatic) upgrades?
6. Which kit can I run cats with?
7. Muffler and exhaust piping suguestions? im looking for a sound that is as close to stock as i can get
8. Can the suspenision offered with these kits be upgraded to air ride?
9. Which rear suspenison would be best to go along with the needed front upgrade?
I have a 1996 GT with a automatic and i do believe it has PI heads/intake, have yet to take the vavle cover off and check for the stamp
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well thats why i asked. HP Performance has a stock 2000 gt thats making 468 rwhp/ 555 rwtq @ 8 psi (Cunningham 01 GT incase you dont believe me). so off of that it doesnt seem to un-reasonable that 600 @ 10 psi cant be achieved with p&p, cam, and forged internals.
ok. what about 15 psi? and how muchs boost can a stock 96 block with PI heads handle? I think im going to go with the HP turbo kit. has anyone on here had any experience with HP? and my rear suspension, Air rides Cool Ride (Ford Mustang 79-04 -CoolRide- Rear w/StrongArms: Air Ride Technologies - is anyone running that suspension?
finally, some good news. hey do u know where the casting number is on 2v heads? and how well do cams made for turbos work on a N/A motor?
like which side? exhaust, firewall, intake, or cam?
well i figured out what the casting numbers where, i just couldnt find it on the head. the number i did finde was on the cam hold downs
well if i put that kind of money into a car i dont think i will be selling it for a long time
ok, well as far as sound goes, i kinda wanna keep it sounding as stock as possible, sleeper style
1 - 9 of 25 Posts
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