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twin turbo questions

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ok, ive decided I want tt. my goal is to make a sleeper with 600+hp/600+tq @ 10psi. i want a kit capable of 15psi tho. the kits im considering are HP and Hellion.
1. Which kit would be the best (price vs goals).
2. Can those goals be reached with stock heads/intake (p&p of course)?
3. What cam is recomended?
4. Whats the smallest turbos that will produce the 15psi?
5. What kind of tranny (automatic) upgrades?
6. Which kit can I run cats with?
7. Muffler and exhaust piping suguestions? im looking for a sound that is as close to stock as i can get
8. Can the suspenision offered with these kits be upgraded to air ride?
9. Which rear suspenison would be best to go along with the needed front upgrade?
I have a 1996 GT with a automatic and i do believe it has PI heads/intake, have yet to take the vavle cover off and check for the stamp
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if 15psi doesnt get him 600rwhp thats very sad(built motor)
it will depend on engine components, tune, accessories. it can get there at 15psi, just got to get the right stuff. hell the termi's arent getting but 600 at 15psi with a blower swap. the turbo will make better #'s because of parasitic loss, but thats just a rough comparisson. the 2v will be more restrictive than the 3 or 4v's
if a V6er can do it Im sure a 2v should be able to;)
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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