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Under Drive Pulley set 2006GT

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As of today I'm a new member. I have questions on the purchase of under drive pulley set for my 2006 Mustang GT.I have reviewed opinions that state the BBK pulleys are to lite and will cause damage? I was looking at Summit UDP any opinon on this would help for all I see is Steeda is the best. On top of this I was thinking about ordering the Metco 4pc idler pulleys to complete this MOD a little dress up!Like to do this soon a possible going on another overseas deployment.:eek:

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Whoa there turbo, hahaha.

First off, Welcome to the boards. This section is just to introduce yourself, say what you've got, tell us a little about yourself, etc. etc.

I'd put your question about UDPs in the '05 section, that's where it'll get you best response.

What branch are you in?
OUCH I have done it again just ask 08BLKGT500 I have earned a Troll/Ho title today
US Army now serving in the Ohio Army National Guard!
How do I get to the 05 section DEX??

Herrmann T
It's a subsection of the Modular forum, underneath you should see "94-98" "99-04" "2005+" and "SVT/DOHC".

And don't stress on it, man, most people here are pretty kick-back :)
:welcome to MM!
And you'll learn where certain threads belong in time.
and :pics
Welcome to MM!
Hey fellow Ohioan! :D Enjoy MM It has alot of useful information

and ****'s on it :shiftyeyes
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:welcome to MM. Don't be surprised if you get surprise butt sex.
^^^ SBS, eh? Sounds like stuff that goes on onboard my ship. I'm down! LOL :booty
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