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those who don't know my stang, it has o/r H-pipe and dumped mufflers, tri-axe HANDLE

raced an 02 gt with 3.73's intake, underdrive pullies, throttle body, plenum, longtubes, x-pipe and mufflers..

20mph roll i just spun in first and he was pulling but when i went into second he had about a car on me. By 110 he was only 2cars ahead

he ran a [email protected][street tires] the day after we raced

so i bought me some nitto drag radials today and will mount them tomorrow and see how i do Saturday night. also bought a 10lbs bottle with mount brackets and gauge for 80.. buying a dynotune wet kit without bottle weds.

now dynotune is a rwhp kit so me and some buddies were debating with what shot i can do with colder plugs i am willing to be safe with 100shot until a i get a tune and throw a 150shot on it.. a friend of mine is telling me to put a 125shot on...

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