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It has been long known that the factory passenger side secondary tensioners on ALL DOHC's tension the chain on the wrong side, this creates cam timing errors as great as 7 degrees (regardless of how the cams are degreed!) This new kit from MMR brings the margin of error down to a mere 1 degree. Properly tensioning the chain and adding the heavy duty chains allows you to degree the cams perfect every time and testing has shown 4-5MPH gains in the 1/4 mile! Get your timing under control with this kit today- a must for any High HP application!! As used by team MMR to produce 3000HP and 10,000rpm. A must for all applications with aftermarket valve springs AND / OR cams. Also fits 2007-2014 GT500. Anodized for corrosion resistance.

*96-04 Cobra
*2007-2014 GT500
*5.4 DOHC Navigator
*03-04 Mach One
*All Australian 4.6/5.4 DOHC Applications


*Billet Secondary tensioner (passenger side) PN# 444036
*UPGRADED XHD (Extreme Heavy Duty) SECONDARY chains pr. PN#487028
*ARP Hardware

Purchase now $399 : 4V / DOHC Passenger side Secondary tensioner & XHD chain kit [444032] - $399.99 : Modular Motorsports, Home of the Worlds Fastest Modular Engines

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