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wel, just to entertain my self im writing this blog :D

so about a month ago from this post mabey a little more i bought a 2000 sixer off a guy on craigs list. i thin its a great car no rust a little high on the millage, which is about 120k. 5 spd stick and all black both interior and exterior paint job and for the first time in person i understand why people like no spoiler, cuz i do now on my car lol.

now unlike my last blog post im actually setting realistic goals for my car. they are to just mod a little which would be enought to beat the **** out of the local ricer, cuz everyone on here i know will vouch for me when i say tht a civic with a gay body kit fart can and quote head works aka header work isnt fast its just there ego but a stock sixer can just barely beat them.

so i figure be fore diving into the engine for a cam which i hope to do next sumer. i figure les first get duals on the car sence the guy befor eme had a dynomax turbo muffler tht was dumped and sorry mr red pony but im not a fan of dumps at least that at this moment lol

so as of right now i ordered two flowmaster org 40s and a tlok from americanmuscle

i wont have the gears and tuner til nxt month
but by then the duals should be put in

divorced 40's

after the gears i figure its time for the savings account mod for i need to come up for some $$ for a down payment for insurence renewal and tires for my car
and by mind summer i hope to have the windstar uper ordered from vap auto and then back to savings account modd while i hope to attend a comunity col;ege then the next summer work on gathering parts for a cam

mabey inbetween i might by some appearece mods like mabey smokes tail lights chin spoiler and idk but yea

thanks for you time any comments of remakes about my faillure to proof read please leave a message after the beep and i might care lol :D
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