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A while back i ordered the UPR catch can from a vendor. Minor mishap, the shop ordered the wrong side catch can. they ordered me a passenger side can that came with 3/8" fittings, I wanted the drivers side, with the 5/8" fittings. one phone call to Jeremy at UPR, 2 days later I had the fittings and hose at my door. props to Jeremy at UPR for his speedy customer service. I'm very inpressed with this can. this can was very well machined, billet and is about the size of a soda can!

I finally was able to get around to installing the catch can about a 2 weeks ago. the toughest part about this install was finding a location to mount this can with a whipple s/c kit, for there really was 0 room anywhere to install this. an hour thinkin, i decided to do a "piggyback" system off the power steering resevoir bolt. went to work the next day and stopped by the truck shop and got a bracket of some sort that they gave me that was going to be scrap metal. trimmed down the pieces, bent it a few times with pliers, drilld the holes, slapped a coat of high temp black paint and I had a bracket made for mounting. once everything was mounted, connected the hoses with the supplied hose from UPR, clamped everything up and she was good to go. here are some before and after install pics:

Road Test

Once i had it installed, I decided to do a weekend road test. I live in New Jersey, so why not do a turnpike road test. total I did about a 230 mile round trip, from south jersey to north jersey, with a few stops in between up in north jersey for a weekend, and all the way back down to south jersey. driving different variations of cruise control to WOT etc. the end result, a nice puddle of blow by in the can, and was amazed at how much this worked! anyone running any sort of F/I on their vehicle, highly recommend you pick up one of these catch cans! def worth the investment!

*sorry about the picture, its kinda hard to see since the catch can is black, so i tried to get the best picture possible*

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