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Hoping that I'm posting in the right section first off.

I have an 02 mustang that I got from my brother in law. he got lightly T-boned in the passenger side. I'll start off by saying that I'm no rookie when it comes to both autobody work, as well as repairing unibody damage. I need to remove the rear passenger quarter panel/unibody section from the pillar back and replace. Now that's not my problem as I have done this before on a few different vehicles.

The problem is first finding a donor car to cut the section out of and use. Seems easier said than done at a decent price. I have a decent offer from one gentleman now, but the problem is that his donor car is a convertible and mine is a coupe.

So the question would be are they inherently the same? Are the dimensions the same as well as the underlying unibody structure, or were there small differences that would stop this from working?

A picture for those wondering how bad the damage is, and exactly what damage I speak of. Car still runs and drives great, and my brother checked everything at his shop as far as being within spec, and surprisingly it is.


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