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my first set of big valve ported heads will for for $1160!!!!!
this is a HUGE big savings

includes the following
ported and polished
valve springs
1.90 intake valve
1.57 exhaust valve
valve seat work
bored valve guide
clean heads
milled flat surface!!

these heads go for $1650 on supersix motor sports!
almost $2300 on delk!!
by far the cheapest price you will find for big valve heads!!!!

can also add ported intakes and a regrind cam with GASKET KIT! for $1,800!!!!
thats cheaper then a stage 2 power pak which DO NOT include the gasket kit
and only have STOCK valve heads!
for a new cam add $250!
$2050 covers new cam, ported intakes, ported and polished big valve heads, full gasket kit!!
same gains of a stage 3 power pak but you save roughy $800+
ssms charges $2700 and DOESNT include the gasket kit:eek:

PM ME to save
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