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ok, trying to get an idea together for a good summer project. I would like to put either a 289, 302, or 351 in the car. Preferibley a 289, that way I can keep the weight down so I don't have to upgrade the front suspension system.

Several quick questions:

When going to a carbed engine, what will have to happen with the computer?

if I do the swap, will the C4 transmision fit with the stock drive shaft?

Will the rear end need to be upgraded from a 7.6 to an 8.8?

If I find a 4speed or 5speed, will any of them work with any of the three engines? if not, What kind of transmision will they require?

I have more questions but just can't think of em right now.

If you have any other knowlage on this subject, please tell me.
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