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v6 to v8

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ok ive got a 94 v6 mustang and i have a 5.0 motor and tranny, what else would i need for the swap???? thanks
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youll also need, the ecu, pcm and wiring harnesses for the 5.0
well i have the wiring harness so ill need the ecu an the pcm how much would that cost
alright thats what i thought so im just going to buy my friends 5.0 anyone want to buy a v6 mustang pic in the sig
do you have any mods? ill buy parts from you.
nope none sorry just a slow v6
Well why else swap the 5.0?

Might as well do a split port swap.
no way man v6's are slow as balls and not worth the money
i have a couple of parts for sale thatll fit your car, if you want pm me for details

no thanks man
1 - 6 of 39 Posts
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