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v6 to v8

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ok ive got a 94 v6 mustang and i have a 5.0 motor and tranny, what else would i need for the swap???? thanks
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also would need all the motor mounts and a k member, prbably looking at 7-800 for the rest of the stuff needed
5.0 and 3.8 share K members
i dont think this is going to be a yes, but does the 5.0 use the same k-member as the 99+ 3.8s too?
why would it not be a yes?

ill try to put some logic to it as to why...

in 94 ford switched to the SN95 mustangs using the fox4 platform... and as in mustang tradition they offered different engine choices... the 3.8 V6 and the 5.0 V8... at the time ford was lazy and wanted as many parts to work between the two... so they designed the 3.8 essex to fit into the 5.0 body and vice versa put the 5.0 into the 3.8 body with out much hassle other then a wiring harness change and rear end change... in 96 ford switched to the modular motor which was a totally different design for them... and for some reason they saw it fit to redesign the motor mounts and k member to accommodated for the different oil pans and motor mount holes in the new 4.6 block ... BUT the 3.8 didn't change from 95 to 96 ... and up until 2005 the core block has only undergone small changes to improve its over all integrity and strength

if you read all of that props...

your answer is yes
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ya i read it all lol. so it would probly be alot more affordable to put a 5.0 in our cars than say a mod 4.6 cuz than you gotta swap trans and k-members too??
well technically it would be IFF you put a worked motor in...

a 4.6 makes more power and for just switching the K member and transmission ... it looks a little more beneficial on paper
yup and a well built t3650 then you have a really nice set up and a potentially great car in the making
:::shakes head:::
another thread
at least this time its sensible people with open minds...

let them do as they please
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