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v6 to v8

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ok ive got a 94 v6 mustang and i have a 5.0 motor and tranny, what else would i need for the swap???? thanks
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And you probably want to upgrade:

Rear end
the 5.0 isnt that powerful that it requires that stuff unless hes seriously gonna throw some mods at it
Well why else swap the 5.0?

Might as well do a split port swap.
no way man v6's are slow as balls and not worth the money
Speak for your self.....

99+ v6
older 5.0

= like 5hp difference?
sss he has a single port, so he is right they r slow
Well he said v6's...

He didn't say single ports!(or mustangs for that)
:::shakes head:::
another thread
1 - 5 of 39 Posts
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