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v6 to v8

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ok ive got a 94 v6 mustang and i have a 5.0 motor and tranny, what else would i need for the swap???? thanks
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youll also need, the ecu, pcm and wiring harnesses for the 5.0
And you probably want to upgrade:

Rear end
the 5.0 isnt that powerful that it requires that stuff unless hes seriously gonna throw some mods at it
i have a couple of parts for sale thatll fit your car, if you want pm me for details
i was responding to 98v6stangs post
5.0 and 3.8 share K members
i dont think this is going to be a yes, but does the 5.0 use the same k-member as the 99+ 3.8s too?
Speak for your self.....

99+ v6
older 5.0

= like 5hp difference?
99+ v6= 190hp/225tq

??-95 5.0= 225hp/280tq

i thinkl thats accurate numbers, may be off by 5-10
Well he said v6's...

He didn't say single ports!(or mustangs for that)
well v6 mustangs ARE pretty slow stock. but if you look at say a g35/g37 or 350z they are pretty quick
if you read all of that props...

your answer is yes
ya i read it all lol. so it would probly be alot more affordable to put a 5.0 in our cars than say a mod 4.6 cuz than you gotta swap trans and k-members too??
for a 4.6 all u need to do is k member and bell hosing not the whole trans.
youll also need the hydroboost system for the brakes and other odds and ends
i would like to drop in a forged 5.0 w/ a built aod and single turbo it at about 16psi. i think in that case its alot cheaper than dropping in a 4.6 and making the same power(roughly 400rwhp)
currently my v6 w/ its mods is probly good for about 215hp/240tq at the crank. a 5.0 stock is 225hp/280tq + the low cost of modding so i think its worth it
xcal 3 tune, cai, longtubes, o/r h, mac catback, 25% udp
1 - 12 of 39 Posts
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