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Whats up people! all the debt has been paid off so parts are going to be flying in!
I cant find my old thread but anyway
i wasnt going to make a thread and more just show the finish of the car when it was done but i got some parts today and im excited

Found an 01 Short Block I'll have shipped to me $300
Re-port my heads i have. Possibly a new camshaft
UPR double adjustable uppers, and set lower control arms
UPR Pro series Chromoly K-member w/a-arms and coil overs
Antiroll bar-because who the hell wants to lift only 1 wheel:eek:
A/c and parts removed, dash gutted, rear is a lil cut up;)
New 11lb Race seat

only thing left to be ordered
60-1 precision turbo
10gal fuel cell
Custom rail is in the works from Wilson Manifolds
Big single pump
80lb injectors
-8an feed line and some return lines

its still about $1400 or so left to go in the car but it'll be in before the new year. then crank it up, have it tuned and disaster strikes!
looking for 11.5 or better with just 10psi...really hoping for 11flat but its a T5 in the car still.

should make over 400rwhp no problem on E85
not a lot of power but for 2800-2850 its nice. deffinitly be under 3000 with me in it. vs previous about 3250. Last time the car was weighing in at 3050 with just rear seat and passenger seat removed. nothing in the list above.

Also having ADTurbo a buddy of mine work a custom exhaust off the turbo and fix some of the kits flaws. he's not famous but does have the worlds fastest S2000 running 8.6s with lots of room for improvement making only 840whp

Still using stock wheels for now. havent picked the race wheels i want...when they go in thats another 80lb weight loss:cool:

after 10psi i estimate it'll make about 420-430whp with just 10psi and the e85. I'll turn it up til it up to about 13psi...should hit about 450-460whp then try 15psi and 500rwhp and see if it makes a 10.7 or better pass with a T5...before it blows of course

Will post pics when ever i get a camera

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ok, why you trying to blow the motor? Or are you talking about the tranny? jc.

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ok, i was jc. :) what all do you have to switch to run e85 on the v6?
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