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v6 with straight pipes?

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well i have a cherrybomb on my 04 v6 now and i was wondering how everyone would think it would sound with straight pipes. i ran it without the muffler for a little bit before i put the glasspack on and it sounded mean to me. i was gonna leave the cats on too just run it with no mufflers. opinions?
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right after i put long tubes on, nothing else, sounds ****ing retarded about like 1500 rpm, and will make you deaf at like 3k or hard acceleration.

mac long tubes, 2.5 pipe to hacked up borla mufflers, sounds like **** imo, going to redo my entire exhaust at some point. (no cats) imo cats make it sound less raspy

fast forward to the end, and thats a 4.2l stroked h/c/i 10 psi of boost with long tubes, 2.5 piping, hacked up borla muffs. Sounded like a god damn air plane.
Lmao it does sound like an airplane. That's great. Made my day.
ok got my muffler off today and i've got to say that i love the sound. it isn't too loud, doesn't sound raspy. its just deep and rumbly. gettin the dual pipes put in on wednesday :) i'd make a video with the sound but i dont have a camera that would actually record how it sounds.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts