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The Friday before the 08 FFW Orlando race VMP Tuning will be holding a dyno-tuning day in Debary, about 30 minutes from the track area. We will tune on Thursday too, if Friday fills up.

Justin Starkey of VMP or Doug Studdard of Bamachips will be available to tune your vehicle. Doug is coming over from Alabama and using VMP's dyno to take care of his local customers.

Cost if you already have a tuner:
$300 including dyno-time for most NA combinations
$400-450 including dyno-time for most forced induction combinations

Contact us for pricing if you need a tuner. CAIs and supercharger pullies will also be available for sale and installation.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] (whichever you want to tune your car) to schedule an appointment and place a deposit.

The Bradeon NMRA race in South Florida is the following weekend, Justin of VMP will be available to tune cars the Thursday before that race at the shop in Debary, FL.
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